About NPI Media Images

The NPI team comprises talented publishing professionals in four key departments: design, editorial, sales and marketing, and administration.
Established in 1997, the company has grown holistically to maintain its core values of delivering quality with transparency, always aiming to deliver beyond the expectations of our customers, whether it is for marketing and brand placement or development of a bespoke published communications solution.

NPI was set up by the Nicholas family in 1997 with just one publication under its umbrella and nurtured to become a leading publishing force in the UAE with 17 proprietary titles, as well as regular and one-off client productions.

We believe in quality over quantity and focus on niche projects that we can be proud of, contribute towards creatively, market effectively, and develop into class-leading publications.

Branding and marketing are at the core of all NPI publications, and the titles have all been conceived in-house and evolved in-line with the markets that they serve.

The company philosophy is one of ‘glocalization’ – combining global standards with local expertise to provide the region’s leading publications in their respective industry sectors.

Publication branding and creating niche advertising, marketing and communications vehicles are where NPI’s strength lies.

Unlike other publishers, NPI creates magazines for a specific market segment and audience, and with over 22 years experience in the region, its principals are well placed to introduce specialist products that correctly target and appeal to unique audiences and expectations. NPI does not operate a single franchise publication.