High-end visitors expect high-end information and that's what we provide in our Concierge publications, combining fascinating articles with easy to reference sections on what to Discover, Experience, Shop and Taste.

Concierge was developed to take visitors on a journey of discovery that starts on the pages of the magazine and ends in their photo album.

Concierge Dubai and Abu Dhabi are brand-focused. With more mall space per capita than anywhere else on earth, shopping begins and ends here. Places to shop become entertainment and event hubs with aquariums, ski slopes and ice-rinks that provoke fascination and disbelief to the many visitors arriving at the destination.

We are never short of information, insight, facts and a wow factor that drives visitors to the experiences we describe, to discover the brands that jump from the page and follow the leads that we weave throughout our magazines.

Distributed in over 100 top four- and five-star hotels across the UAE, Concierge really is the definitive five-star visitor magazine, reaching out to the country's highest spending and most important guests.

Enjoy and discover with Concierge.